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Your local shop of StongFlavour™

Munno is brought to you by our family of brothers and sisters who grew up cooking and eating together. If our family had a motto it’d be, “if you can’t stand the heat, spend more time in the kitchen!”

We cook with a nod and a wink——a pinch and a punch and thrive on the spirit of one-upmanship. From shop to kitchen——chopped, crushed, and twisted. Blanched, steamed, and fried——fresh is fundamental.

About us

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VEGO SPRING ROLLS (2pc) Contains Gluten   7.0 
A Classic favourite, served with sweet
chilli sauce


AH NOY'S SPRING ROLLS (2pc)              10.0
Housemade rice paper springrolls, chicken,
water chestnuts, fresh herbs, Natalie's
dipping sauce



Squid Tentacles, cinnamon salt & pepper
mix, fried aromatics, chilli


YEY'S SATAY SKEWERS (3pc)                15.0
Flame-grilled, khmer-style lemongrass beef
satay skewers, with a hint of aromatic


CHICKEN WINGS - Contains Gluten          15.0

Crispy wings, fried pandan, toasted aromats.
Our signature sauce 

OYSTERS TRIO                              9.9 
Flavourful Nam Jim dressing
Punchy, herbaceous, lime & chilli

SON IN LAW EGGS (3pc) Contains Gluten    9.9
When first impressions matter!
Sweet, spicy, salty sour & umami

SALMON SASHIMI.                         16.0

King Atlantic Salmon, red chilli,
Nam Jim dressing, mustard pickle,
fresh wheels of lime

MIX VEGETABLE TEMPURA Contains Gluten   12.5

Munno Grocer's selection of seasonal 
vegetables, battered and fried


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FRIED RICE                               20.0 
A Classic favourite, served with sweet
hilli sauce.

CHOOSE YOUR MARKET GREENS                16.0

    Chinese Broccoli
    Water Spinach

    Chef's Mix

    *Vegan option available


JASMINE RICE                       SMALL 3.0
                                   LARGE 5.0



Fresh Chilli                             2.0

Fresh Chilli & Soy                       2.0
Extra Sweet Chilli                       2.0
Extra Nam Jim                            3.0

GREEN PAPAYA SALAD                       22.0 

crisp green papaya, tossed zesty lime
juice, aromatic fish sauce, fragrant herbs.
  OPTIONAL + Preserved crab YUM!
           * Vegan option available

CHICKEN LARB SALAD                       20.9

Tender chicken, tossed with roasted rice powder, fresh herbs, tangy dressing. Served atop of crisp lettuce leaves.

KHMER PEPPER BEEF (LOK LUK)              22.0

Tender Marinated beef, stir-fried to perfection, crisp cos lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes. Infused with traditional khmer spices


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CHICKEN GREEN CURRY                        22 
Munno's green chilli paste, breast of
chicken, Thai apple eggplant, basil

BEEF RED CURRY                           25.5

Munno's red chilli paste, tender beef
simmered in rich coconut curry sauce

LAMB MASSAMAN CURRY                        27
Slow cooked lamb shank, sweet smashed 
potato, crispy potato, flavourful spices


PAD THAI NOODLES                           24

Rice noodles, fried egg, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic chives, tamarind, peanut.
Chicken / Prawn / Vegetarian

HONEY CHICKEN                            20.5
Breast of chicken, battered, fried and our

delicious sweet honey glaze.

CRYING TIGER STEAK                         42
300g scotch fillet, dressed with our
signature sauce, roasted rice, chilli,

KHMER BEEF JUNGLE STEW                   22.5

Traditional, hearty dish which showcases
the depth and complexity of Cambodian
cuisine. Lemongrass, galangal, spice blend. Fermented fish sauce umami

WHOLE FRIED BARRAMUNDI.                    37

Deboned whole baby barra, served with a
tangy green mango salad

Crispy pork, wok tossed with greens and pork crackling, spicy red curry rub

   *Vegan option available


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COCONUT ICE CREAM                         18

Young Coconut, toasted coconut ice cream,

tropical fruits

MANGO STICKY RICE                         18

Coconut sticky rice, fresh mango,
vanilla ice cream

FRIED APPLE PIE ROTTI Contains Gluten     18

Tender granny smith apples, cinnamon
pandan custard, vanilla bean ice cream.

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